The Midland Country Club

City of Midland

The Midland Country Club (MCC) renovation project involved the complete demolition of the existing clubhouse and related structures along with reconstruction and adjustments to the entire 18 holes of the golf course. The estimated project cost for this renovation is 36 million dollars.

The project encompassed work within environmentally sensitive areas which required extensive environmental permitting including the relocation and stabilization of over a mile of stream bank that runs through the course. Both the new and existing club house were located within the 100 year flood plain which required intricate site grading and balancing in order to assure the regulatory agencies there would be no adverse impact to the floodplain. Extensive construction scheduling and planning where undertaken to assure the existing clubhouse and golf course remained functional while the construction of the new clubhouse and course was underway. The club's existing events and schedule had to be carefully coordinated with the construction schedule to make sure the owners and members needs where met.

The staff of ACS was retained by Midland Engineering, the owner's representative, for the Midland Country Club to provided complete civil site design documents including site, grading, utility relocation, storm water management, and construction phasing plan(s). ACS also obtained floodplain and stream relocation permits approvals for all the construction activities. ACS continues to provide construction engineering and is the certified storm water operator of record for the Midland Country Club.